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Affiliate marketing benefits both the advertisers and publishers in an online world. This activity includes an advertiser and several publishers (called as affiliate network). Here the publishing website pays a fixed price or a part of its revenue to an advertiser for every conversion or lead received through marketing efforts of publisher. If you want to promote your product aggressively in an online market, then opt for affiliate marketing services. A well planned affiliate marketing program can be a lot more profitable for your business.

Research, Competition Analysis, Commission Structures Development, Communication Guidelines for Affiliates, Review of Networks and Conversion Analysis are the services that we offer in affiliate marketing. Our expert team customize affiliate marketing services and it depends on your website, target visitors, industry segment and budget.

At Digital Dach, we carefully identify affiliates and assist you with planning your affiliate marketing needs. We get your products or services listed on the websites that can be important in promoting your business. Digital Dach manage all aspects of your affiliate marketing campaign and you can build profitable relationships with affiliates that are provided by us for your business.

Are you looking to increase visibility and attract traffic to your website through affiliate marketing program? Contact us if you want to build a successful brand identity in an online market with our affiliate marketing services.

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