- Integrating SEO and PPC

Obtaining and utilizing data for your search campaign is important whether you work for a small business or a Fortune 500 company. As isolated search campaigns are no longer an option, a thought process for your campaigns is must and you should move towards integration. Increase your conversion rate and decrease your Cost of Acquisition (COA) by correctly utilizing data from both SEO and PPC. Get to know best possible ways to integrate your organic and paid traffic for multi channel success. Read More

Integrating SEO and PPC
- Website Structure

The chance of ranking higher in search engines will be higher if your website structure is in place. Your web portal can achieve search excellence only with careful and intentional approach towards your site structure. In this blog, we have suggested some of the best advice on creating a powerful site structure. You will be able to create a site that appeals to users and delivers the best possible SERP listings and rankings. Read More

Website Structure
- Schema Markup

One of the most powerful and latest evolutions in SEO is Schema Markup. You can enhance your website in search engine result pages (SERPs) if you are familiar with the concept and method of Schema Markup. This blog will explain you the process of using Schema Markup for your website. Schema Markup code on your web pages help search engines to return more informative results for users. Read More

Schema Markup
- SEO Guide for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about making your website better for users. SEO Guide helps you to make a search engine friendly website, find keywords that can bring in relevant traffic to your portal and strategize link building activity. It is true that free SEO information is available on the web and even a small amount of knowledge can make a big difference. Increase awareness in search engines and improve rankings by accessing - SEO Guide for Beginners. Read More

SEO Guide for Beginners
- The On Page SEO

The On Page SEO always improves visibility of your website in search engines. It refers to optimization of On Page content and HTML elements. On Page SEO builds a solid foundation and you will need to focus on it to make your website successful. Over the years, lot of changes were observed in SEO and this post describes some of the key factors that you should focus on. Read More

The On Page SEO
- Pay Per Click Tools

Professional digital marketers require Pay Per Click (PPC) tools to save time, get insights and make more money for businesses. It can be time consuming and expensive in managing a pay per click advertising campaign. This post provides information about various tools available to optimize your search campaigns as per the competitive analysis. Get the most out of PPC marketing with less time and effort. Read More

Pay Per Click Tools
- Learn Paid Search Marketing

Connect your Ads with searchers using Paid Search Marketing - an inexpensive and scalable form of digital marketing. In Paid Search Marketing, you pay each time whenever your Ad is clicked within the sponsored listings of search engines or a partner website. This effective online marketing channel can result into a good ROI for your business if used properly. Also you would require lot of planning in Paid Search Marketing campaigns to make your website stand out. Read More

Learn Paid Search Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization for Startups

Any business can establish its presence and meet business goals with Search Engine Optimization. Taking business to the next level by searching for the resources and focusing on several activities is quite challenging for startups. SEO helps startup company to establish its authority, reach wider audience, build traffic, improve engagement and generate interest in the business. Read More

SEO for Startups
- SEO Metrics to Track

Several SEO metrics should be taken into consideration to create a profitable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Great improvement in visibility of your website is expected with implementation of SEO in a very efficient manner. Your chances of getting to the top positions of search engines increases if you are able to analyze SEO metrics. Read this blog post and get information about several SEO metrics. Read More

SEO Metrics to Track
- Free SMM Monitoring Tools

Use social media monitoring tools if you want to know about the statistics of your social networking websites. Check out some free SMM monitoring tools before finalizing for any paid tool. These tools include historical data for competitive analysis and discussions related to your topics of interest. Read More

Social Media Monitoring Tools
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